Adjuster 101 Course

Our Adjuster 101 Course will provide the next steps for Adjuster’s who obtained their home state or DHS Adjuster license to land their 1st deployment and stay deployed!



Adjuster 101 Course

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  • License Guidance
  • industry Insight
  • Career Guidance

The next licenses to purchase

The rosters to get on first when you don’t have experience

Completing your Continuing Education (CE’s) hours on time and the consequences of not having the completed on time

We will discuss the different types of carrier certifications and trainings to obtain and where to obtain them

We will discuss policyholder, carriers and IA firm’s customer service expectations.

We will discuss the various claims we work and different deployment opportunities (desk, field, remote, auto, property, commercial, etc.)

We will go over the equipment and supplies needed for field auto and property adjusters, as well as for remote Adjusters.

We will introduce the software’s to get familiar with and how/where to obtain training for Xactimate, Symbility, CCC One, Mitchell’s, Audatex, etc.

We will go over the skills IA firms and carriers look for in Adjusters

We will explain the different stages of deployments (Standby, Stage/Wave 1, etc.)

We will go over how to stay ready for deployment and how to prepare your loved ones, including the self-care Adjusters need to do for themselves (medications, medical appointments, etc,), setting bills up on autopay, car maintenance, etc.

We will guide Adjusters on how to find valuable resources with the IA firms (IA portals, training department, etc.)

We will discuss the different types of releases (Self, Volunteer, IA firm/Carrier)

We will discuss things you can do between deployments to still make money (Daily claims, Inspector on Demand, etc.)

We will explain what it means to be DNR or NFA from an IA firm and/or Carrier and MORE!